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The symbols, which give to us smile
Lena Mishanina
Fruits of the mobilization.
The Cocobags for the cell phones.

One of the main objects of concern must become now work among mobilizing, for the aid of mobilization, among those mobilized.
Lenin, "All to the fight with Denikin!"

Ethno Cocobags
The varnished impudence of the intrusion of coconut into the urbanized world of mobile accessories is compensated by the softness of manual binding.
Coco palms - symbol of absolute prosperity, since from the different parts of the excellent trees people obtain not only food, but also material for preparing the ropes. In the wild tribes, which passed from the human offerings to the inoffensive coco, the nuts, solid as the bone, symbolize head and replace rituals with the skulls.

Fruits of palms on the ripening, preserve inside this quantity of air in addition to pulp, what can swim on the ocean from one island to the next, creating life on the new pieces of land. They do not rot and are not cracked, maintaining the impacts about the earth and long floating. Their edible component of nesravnenna both in the confectionery chips and in the cosmetic. In the form of oil, milk, shaving and clean parfyuma it is added to the perfumes, pastry and soap.

Use of coco bags for the self-defence

The modest sizes of well dressed, and, by sight of, brittle ladies handbags by no means diminish their additional functions. Solid orekhovye skorlupki it is not cracked from the impacts on the head of enemy. It is faster, its head will crack. The main thing - not to overdo it not in order not to begin to thunder instead of the maniac, who you pursued, according to the article for exceeding of the limits of self-defence. Charming well dressed kokobegi can serve as both the brass knuckles with the contact fight and as replacement cobblestone for the throwing in the most extreme situations. Successes!

Coco poetry

There are no coconuts –
There are no questions

Coco trepanation –
Not panacea
From the misfortunes of civilization.

I drink
Coco milk of morning milk yield
I control window
Sky in the clouds – such blue!

Continuation - selection on the server of poetry ""

Sequence of operations on the production of the coco bags

Boring (by corkscrew)
Boring (by corkscrew)
  1. Boring (by corkscrew)
  2. Milking (extraction of milk)
  3. Trepanation (by hack-saw on the metal)
  4. Cleaning (extraction of pulp by knife)
  5. Perforation (by manual drill)
  6. Shave (by file)
  7. Grinding (nazhdachkoy)
  8. Painting (by paints, suitable for the tree)
  9. Varnishing (by mat or by gloss)
  10. Working injuries by iodine, the superimposition of mats and bandages
  11. Utilization of withdrawals (preparation of dishes from the edible part of the fruit)

The political program of the society of kokobegistov (i.e., those, who it adores coco bags and coco nuts as fact)

Let us attain the official renaming of the Moscow region of the Orekhovo- Borisovs in the the Orekhovo -Kokosovo!

Coco cookery


Honey, is desirably fake, and sugar on the taste
Honey, is desirably fake, and sugar on the taste.
Will be required deep frying pan, oil sunflower, coco pulp, apples, sugar, honey, cinnamon.

  1. Coconuts in small particles play and brown in vegetable oil.
  2. The apples (desirably antonovka apples) they are cleaned of the bits and the rind, play by chunks.
  3. Fire decreases after nuts become slightly rosy.
  4. Are added apples by the volume in the equal portions with the coconuts.
  5. Honey, is desirably fake, and sugar on the taste.
  6. Dish slightly falls by the cinnamon
  7. Frying pan is covered with the dense cover
  8. Rarely stirring slowly, it is necessary to leave everything on the small fire to the readiness
  9. Readiness is determined by strengthening of coco smell, to the appearance of light transparency it is nut and to the transformation of apples in almost the puree.

Coconuts in the currant jam

they fill with jam from the black currant
... they fill with jam from the black currant.
Coconuts are cut by thin slices and fill with jam from the black currant. They are fried on the average fire during a constant mixing.

Mann coco

Browned in Munk coconuts can be eaten separately
Browned in Munk coconuts can be eaten separately...
  1. The slices of coconuts brown on the frying pan, greased by vegetable oil, to the maximum isolation of juice.
  2. The mannaya groats it is slow, with the agitation, it is filled up into the juice, until the pieces of coconuts not vyvalyayutsya in it completely.
  3. Browned in Munk coconuts can be eaten separately, cleaning to Munk, and in to Munk, impregnated with juice, to add coco milk. To cook under the cover on the slow fire.
  4. It is possible to use coco manna for adorning the baking.

Tiny waffles with the coconuts in condensed milk (sgushchenka)

Leaves of coconuts
Leaves of coconuts.
Leaves of coconuts to brown in the mixture of coco milk and sgushchenki (most tastily - boiled sgushchenki or the condensed cream) to thickening of mass. To grease wafer sheets by hot vkusnost'yu, to lay out the fried coconuts, to glue together by small tartines, to cool in the freezer.

Separately from the pieces of coconuts, the boiled mixture of milk with the the sgushchenkoy (on the steam bath) after thickening reminds iriski.

Coco caramel

The crystallized sucrose resemble on the hardness
The crystallized sucrose resemble on the hardness.
It is prepared on the large frying pan with thin layer. The pieces of coconuts rapidly brown with a constant agitation in the sugar to the complete dissolution of sugar and appearance of light transparency. Sugar is added slowly, after the appearance of juice. To cooling to scratch off from the frying pan.

The crystallized sucrose resemble on the hardness. They befit for the careful eating.

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