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What is this?
Association of artists and mathematicians

Whoever controls the metaphors controls thought.
Konrad Becker

The smart weapon of communication
CyberSymbol - association of artists and mathematicians, who practice the skill of control of senses with the interpretation of symbol. Genres palette extends from interactive web technologies to the arts and crafts. Flash multimedia, silk and glass works, jewelry, drawing, photo and other means of expression within the paradigm framework.

The circle of the authors was formed at the end of the past century in Moscow. Into it entered several student- mathematicians of Moscow University and their friends - young artists. Passed the years, however, united under the idea of the transformation of consciousness by virtual context, we were gathered on this area for investigating the patterns of perception on this side of the screen, when and if it is caused by its beyond framework.

Here you can find texts, on-line galleries, announcements of exhibitions and directory of the sites of participants in the project.

Vladimir Petrushin

At the monitor ;-)
Was born in Moscow, 1964.
Education - Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.
Works in company "Academinform" as the web designer.
Creative union - International federation of artists IFA (UNESCO) since 1997.
Specialization - interactive web- technologies (Flash, DHTML) and textile ornament (batik, silk screen printing).
Technique - computer, tubule, brush.
Material - web and silk.
Exhibitions - the first was 6.07.92 in the Russian Folklore Center on Lavrushinsky, 15. Then happened with periodicity 1-2 in a year - an ornament, a batic, textile design. Personal was not while :)
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site - is not present. However, it is possible to count this - I support it on a voluntary basis.
Email - if that's the case.

Natasha Fedina

Smoke break (in Barcelona)
Was born in Moscow
Education - ...
Works in own studio.
Creative union - Moscow department of the Russia Artists Union (MOSKH), the decorative- applied skills section since 1999.
Specialization - jeweller's art.
Technique - ...
Material - stones and metals.
Exhibitions - ...
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site -
Email -

Michael Romanov

Near a piece of glass
Was born in Moscow, 1962.
Education - ...
Works in own studio.
Creative union - ...
Specialization - glass in the high-tech interior: from a bar rack or a table up to fixtures and a mirror panel, and also a kinetic sculpture, installation, etc.
Technique - work with glass: pasting, a facet, polishing and so forth.
Material - sheet glass, metal.
Exhibitions - ...
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site -
Email -

Julia Poliakova

Sunset in library
Was born in Moscow.
† August 3, 2010
Education - Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the professional mathematician, candidate of sciences.
Works ...
Creative union - ...
Specialization - drawing, sketch, etude.
Technique - pencil.
Material - paper.
Exhibitions - ...
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site - is not present.
Email - ...

Andrew Ovakimian

No comments
Was born in Moscow, 1963.
Education - cybernetician.
Works in own studio.
Creative union - has come in commonwealth of artists "Solar plexus" in 1997.
Specialization - "Sign design".
Technique - etching, galvanics, moulding, silk-screen printing.
Material - glass, metal, silk.
Exhibitions - 1995, 1997 in The Central House of Artists, 1998 in the Photocenter.
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site -
Email -

Lena Mishanina

The night sniper
Was born in Moscow.
Education - courses "Photography for Operators" in the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK)
Works - freelance photographer
Creative union - is not present.
Specialization - large-format shooting
Technique - antiquarian "Salute" and a digital camera
Material - prefers slides
Exhibitions - is not present.
Gallery - on-line.
Personal site - selection on a server of poetry ""
Email - write on the address

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